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ASPCA Grants Help Raise the Quality of Life for Northern New Mexico Strays and Rescues

November 19th, 2013, the AWC received two exciting emails that allow our mission to continue. The American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (ASPCA) awarded two grants to our cause totaling $9916.00. The first $9316.00 was awarded to build a cattery separate from the main building at the AWC Shelter, while the last six hundred of this grant has paid for a three compartment stainless steel sink to be used there as well. These generous grants will directly affect every animal in the shelter.

The AWC Shelter has purchased a Weather King barn to house the new cattery. In addition to new additional cages and cat viewing area, the cattery will provide many other benefits to cats and dogs. The isolation and grooming areas will save lives by allowing us to clean, treat, and cure skin diseases and parasites. By having the cat quarters in a separate building, we can prevent contamination between cats and dogs and provide more comfort to the kitties who will not have to listen to the sometimes loud dog barking. Due to cleaner environment and special viewing area, we can present better presentation for adoptions and happier kitties to adopt. More cages, better adoption area, and less contamination means more lives saved and more happy families with a new pet. The cattery was given an additional bonus when a private donor gave the AWC Shelter and additional $2000 to purchase an even larger 12×16 building! The estimated completion of this project is April 2014.

We have long been working on creating an area to care for the daily maintenance of the shelter. Before the ASPCA grant award, we were using a shallow double kitchen sink for all of our washing needs, which is also housed in the current, tightly cramped cat housing area. Our new deep, commercial grade, stainless steel, three compartment sink arrived just last week. This will save time and allow us to keep animal food dishes and other washing in peak sanitary condition. Needless to say, this will directly affect the quality of life for every animal in the shelter from now until the far future. The staff and volunteers will enjoy several benefits as well!

Thank you ASPCA from all the rescue animals at the AWC Shelter!!!!

The lessons from the peace process are clear; whatever life throws at us, our individual responses will be all the stronger for working together and sharing the load.
— Queen Elizabeth II

The Animal Welfare Coalition is taking over

operation of the city shelter!


And for it to be the shelter our city deserves, we need the community’s help.

photo (7)The AWC is made up of volunteers who gained our community’s trust by helping with pet food, providing low-cost spay/neuter services, and rescuing the sick, the injured, and the forgotten. As a result of the AWC’s good work, the City of Las Vegas has invited us to take over operation of the animal shelter. The city would fund us at the same level they spent running it themselves, but we plan to make the shelter much more than the city was able to achieve.

The AWC will raise the level of care for each animal that enters the shelter. We will staff the shelter with dedicated, experienced members from our rescue teams. We will also add a knowledgeable group of volunteers to provide socialization and one-on-one care for the animals. Happier animals are more adoptive animals, which translates into fewer strays and a reduced euthanasia rate.

Better animals, more educated caregivers, and a more humane perspective make for a better community. While we provide the services we have built our reputation on, we would also offer pet guardians the resources for humanely maintaining a companion animal in one home for its lifetime. This would be life-changing for our animals and the families they become a part of.

But to make these essential improvements the AWC needs your help. If you care about animals, please take this opportunity to help us create a safe and highly functional shelter program that truly serves our area’s animals and residents. This step forward for companion animals is a leap forward for the entire community.

The Animal Welfare Coalition can be reached at 505-426-3289. You can also visit on Facebook and join the conversation there. If you are sending a donation in the form of a check, please make it payable to the Animal Welfare Coalition and mail to 1680 N. Grand Ave, Las Vegas, NM 87701.

ALL donations are important and appreciated (and tax deductible)!! Here are some ways your generous dollars can help:

• $8 – microchips one animal
• $50 – vaccinates 25 dogs
• $100 – fuels our van for one puppy-transport trip to Colorado
• $200 – would buy a digital camera for quality photos of adoptable animals
• $1,000 – builds a desperately needed cat habitat or 2 large dog runs
• $1,750 – pays for spay/neuter surgeries for 20 to 25 dogs or cats


Every day between eleven thousand and sixteen thousand companion animals are euthanized in the United States – that’s about the entire human population of Las Vegas.

They can’t speak for themselves – please help us to speak for them.

The Animal Welfare Coalition of Northeastern New Mexico is here to:

  • Assist the Las Vegas Shelter with the care of the animals there
  • Promote spay/neuter programs
  • Provide education about animal welfare
  • Prevent animal abuse and neglect

Newsflash! The AWC has assisted the Las Vegas Shelter supply the data for a successful Maddie’s Fund grant! Click here for more info!