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We know lots of folks have questions about what's going on with the shelter, the city and the LVPD. Click here for the Updates page to see if your question has been answered! If it hasn't, email the factchecker, and we'll find out and post the answer!

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Volunteering Possibilities

Can you  help with anything on this list? Even just 30 minutes of help a week makes a huge difference! 

If you’d like to volunteer, please write


Volunteer Recruiter

Can’t spend a lot of time helping, but know lots of people? Ask them to check and see what they can do!


Transfer Drivers/ Vet Drivers

Dogs and cats need to be taken all over! Can you give them a lift?


Food Bank/Delivery program

We need people to help get food donations, and to take those donations to where they need to go.



Flyers up and down, all around the town.


Foster homes/ Foster home finders

We need loving homes for both dogs and cats while we get them up to date on their shots and find them forever homes. Can’t foster? Can you help us find foster homes?


Cat Colony Care

We’d like to start a program mapping identified colonies and caretakers. Then we’ll be able to find funding to get the cats altered and on a managed care program.


Adoption booths

Can you travel? We have great luck at adoptions not just here in Las Vegas, but in Santa Fe and Albuquerque. Adoption days are long days, but so very worthwhile!


Information booths

Throughout the summer we have a number of events at which we pass out information. If you can give just a few hours of time, this can be super helpful!


Chained Dog Visits

There are animals on chains throughout town that we try to monitor and make sure they’re receiving adequate food, water and shelter. If you’d like to help with these visits, let us know.


Clinic Helpers

All sorts of jobs to do, from checking in animals when they arrive, to helping load them on the van – even folding laundry.


Clinic Lunch Provider

For every day we hold a clinic, we need to feed our troops! The lunch provider asks for local restaurants to provide lunch for our doctors, techs and volunteers.



We need someone to go the to shelter once a week and photograph any new residents. Also, we have new foster animals that need someone to go to their foster homes and take photos so we can start the process of getting animals into forever homes.



For the Shelter, for fosters, and for adoption events, we need someone to request donations, and get them where they need to go


Social Services Liaisons

We’re looking for people to work with the soup kitchen, food banks, domestic violence hotlines, adult protective services, and mental healthcare providers to help us provide a safety net for the animals of individuals who find themselves unable to care for their beloved furry family members.


Grant Research Assistant

There are MANY funding, networking, and other resources available for animal welfare groups.  We need you to scour the web and compile and maintain these opportunities in a database.